Exchange big files with your customers with our simple web interface and your server. No software needed!

UP Interface - Just an UP Webinterface

Jawbone Builds Great Devices, We Visualize Your Data

No data is stored on our servers. No Up Interface account required.


Jawbone doesn't provide a webinterface for your Jawbone UP. To fill this gap, we decided to start building it on our own.

Currently the service only connects to the Jawbone API and displays your data. We don't store the data on our server and just display it. Therefore you need to authorize your browser to access this service each time you visit our website.

If you like our interface, feel free to tell us within the feedback form. We develop and operate this service as a private project in parallel to our normal daily work. Your feedback is the reason why we continue to add new features to it.

Please tell us what you'd like to see next.